October 26, 2009


My point in returning to this topic is not because I take pleasure in watching the economy suffer under a President I happen to disagree with politically. I couldn't care less who gets the political "points" for a good or bad economy and, of course, I want a strong and vibrant economy. My point is demonstrating how the federal government CAN NOT provide us with prosperity. It is not its function, it is not in its power, it is not possible. The government is supposed to protect our PURSUIT of happiness, not guarantee our happiness. The former means it ensures the rules and opportunities are equal so we have the best possibilities to achieve our own desires and benefit from our own work. The latter means it must confiscate all resources and distribute them "fairly"... this has proven to destroy a society.

Our federal government has recently tried hard to guarantee our prosperity. It attempted to purchase jobs with taxpayer money to stimulate a recession economy. I have written about it here, here, and here. In February they projected how many jobs they could create with the 787 Billion dollars they borrowed from the FED. We are about halfway through the time period they had given themselves so I wanted to look at each state to see the results (click to enlarge):

1 out of the 50 states has had an increase in jobs! Wow. I understand why politicians think they can solve every problem, and why they promise the world to get us to vote for them. What I don't understand is why we keep giving them the power to do so!

Government is absolutely necessary in society, without it there is anarchy and the strong will rule over and usually enslave the weak. However, when government exceeds its boundaries and takes responsibilities it should not have, it allows the politically connected to rule the common man and places us all in bondage.
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