September 1, 2009


Congress is back, and hard at work:

On one hand, it is of course a disgrace. Congress has just returned from a month off and are "debating" the budget. Actually, they are completely ignoring everything, playing on the Internet, e-mail, solitaire, etc. I especially like the little American flags next to each laptop, very patriotic as they erode the foundation of this great nation. When the vote comes they will just pass the hugely blotted bill written by a slew of lawyers and lobbyists, knowing close to nothing about the billions/trillions of dollars they just spent. They will be happy as long as their personal, pet projects got funded.

On the other hand, it is quite a fitting picture of where we seem to be going as a country. After all, we elect these people every 4 years, and most will be elected again in 2010 and 2012. Are we all becoming like this? Lazy, self-absorbed, believing we are more important than we are, expecting high pay and a good life while putting forth little effort? When the time comes, are we still the rugged, freedom loving, individuals that made this country, or have we become a soft, entitlement minded people, just looking for the easy way out?

I hope, when called upon, we are still the former. I believe in that.
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