July 3, 2009

It's not just a personal matter

I am late to this story, I have been on vacation. But my governor, Mark Sanford, went "missing" last week. News stories began surfacing like this one, no one seemed to know where he was. His staff said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail which is a nearly 2200 mile trail through the Appalachian mountains. His wife claimed she didn't know where he was. Local talk radio began buzzing with people defending him saying he just needed time off, and other saying going AWOL for a week was bizarre at best.

At the time I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, I would want some personal time alone if I was in the public eye all the time. But I was fearing something worse.

When he returned the story became even more bazaar. He wasn't hiking, instead he flew off to Argentina. He said he was just driving around enjoying the beautiful city. It became obvious that he was not telling the truth as the lies began to compound and contradict.

Finally, he reveled that he was actually in Argentina, meeting his Mistress who was a long time friend. His news conference is here:

He resigned as chairman of the Republican Governors' Association but did not offer to resign as governor. The South Carolina Republican Party then voted to censure Sanford, but came short of demanding his resignation. This was the first time a sitting governor has been censured by the SC Republican Party.

I have always been a strong supporter of Mark Sanford. He has been a Conservative leader not only in this state but nationwide. He has held down the ballooning budgets of SC and even stood against the White House trying to block the "stimulus" money. However, this is not excusable regardless of how much I like the man politically. I reject the opinions that personal life is separate from public life and we shouldn't judge him. He holds himself out as a moral, Christian and Conservative man. He had the trust of his family, sons, and voters. He has violated that trust and lied to his wife, family, and the public. His marriage is falling apart and he is skipping out of the state to have sex with a woman in South America. If he can not even keep his promise to his wife and maintain his family unit, why would I trust him with the responsibility of an entire state and billions of dollars? I call for Mark Sanford to resign as governor, go home, and try to get his life back in proper priority.
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